Ode to Jeremy Fogel


You are not immune to propaganda

I’m talking to myself

how many voices

can I

manage at the same time

speaking different lines

Some aren’t mine

one that is I

am not immune to propaganda

oh how those bible camp weirdos are wrong

you can’t

pray the gay away

you can

ask god to make you less gay, maybe

maybe you can ask god anything

but god won’t suddenly make you not gay

maybe the nsa

so lets say

lets say this

you can’t

pray the voices away

but you can

ask god for less voices, maybe

and the point, yes the point of it all really

not from my perspective but from another

who from many others

pyramids of thought above my dingie word soup

here, now :

as follows :

Balls and Bladders

It takes a lot of balls to handle these quakes

I call em quakes cause they vibrate in my head for days

an ache a pain a doctor might call it a migraine

I don’t trust doctors I haven’t had dinner with

and I don’t trust patients quakes

I am my own doctor because it’s a rip off state

and I’m a rip off tourist in my own country

in the eyes of state it’ll take many bladder transplants

for me to continue shitting up this country

for 50 more years

I pee more than the average city

I shit 5 times a day,

before breakfast

interdisciplinary fasting

I mix I read I read at a desk

until the aches go away

I walk one step QUAKE

till the quakes go away.

I walk I run I run out of breath

I quit

smoking I haven’t had one in 2 days

I bought

a pouch yesterday from pandora’s english stash

I bought it I didn’t smoke it

hour train to harlem

and didn’t bring it

with great enthusiasm

the anger washed away

the ^&()) washed away

and the hill was assaulted,

and many female soldiers died

but at the heart of it all

the hill, one tiny hill,

in the civil war of my mind

was won

and that small victory

is why there is pure joy

through the toughest quakes

9 out of 10

lung cancer patients

are caused from smoking

Balls and Bladders

2021-07-16 12:39:02 -0400 EDT

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