Monday 12 46 PM

I’ve been at work since 10 AM and have virtually gotten nothing done. (For my job at least). I can’t concentrate to save my life. Today I’m going to post some stuff up online to sell.

I can’t work because life is short. I have songs to work on. I can’t stop.

I’m a slave. I’m a slave to the beat. The family reunion trip changed my mindset. I only need to gather enough resources to live a day at a time. As long as I have my laptop and recording device, I can make music anywhere. Even the library. So the deadline for going on a trip, taking it a day at a time and producing music along the way is January 1st, 2018.

My buddy Rob is possibly hooking it up with a job helping make medical videos in San Francisco. I’ll take that in a heartbeat, I can’t think straight when it comes to programming right now. The vacation placed me so deep in my own world, the only way to stay sober is to continue being a slave to the beat. I need to forget the illusion in value of achieving security. Security is always there. I will always have some crappy place to sleep and some crappy food to eat. The rest is bonus. That’s what it takes for achieving your dreams. One day I will smoke a doob with Seth Rogan and I will make loops with Seth Rogan. I will get a pilot’s lisence. I will transcend my humanity. And humor is going to drive the entire way.

It’s just a matter of leaving this job on the best terms possible.

Next month I’ll be moving into Jack’s house for the cheap ass price of $200 a month. If I do chores around the house it may possibly be waved. Next month the focus will be two only two things - finishing a useable version of POLIWAT and the Sims Sims play. Jack and I will perform the play at a theatre, pprobably Endgames improv. After that I’ll be free to travel. I want to get a backpacking backpack and start on my journey, my soul needs it.

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