Friday 620 pm

Peter hasn’t called back again - I called him yesterday.

Chad said he was going to be home in 30 and we were going to walk the neighbor’s dogs together. He never showed up and I’ve called 3 times. I’m very depressed. It’s day 2 of sobriety, and my only drug has been in how the day was spent. I worked on the Betts family renunion album from 8am - 6pm. Like a real 9-5! That’s my dream job right there. I am sad to go back to work. I seem to make so much more progress when not working.

I’m angry. I’m angry because I need to make money for not just my own projets, but my parents as well. I spent 2 grand on the Marquette trip. At least we got an album out of it. Also some of the best audio of my life. The tape makes me laugh, cry, and think. That’s sort of the goal of any album.

I picked up the guitar again

And made this in the peak of sadness. Couldn’t finish it and hate the drums. But thank god for a journal cause that’s where the unfinished tracks are able to live.

also the song this christmas

Back In Cali

2017-08-12 17:14:58 -0700 -0700

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