All daily lryics into the tops of logs (remember future michael just type asdflyric)

I am the beer locust and the drunk shaman guides me
I am the beer locust and the drunk shaman guides me

I'm backed by rosetint
I'm backed by kushberry

I'm backed by kushbeery kushmama

You drop me
I dropped you
like my phone in the toliet

I miss myself
I miss myself missing you
my laptop missing a screw

Great minds think alike great minds fuck sometimes

Straight from the Hospital is being so horny

that in the last moments of your life you are

just stating a case for at least a little more sex

and that your final will and testament

true talent doesn't hide

true talent is relentless

assumptions while listening to poliwat:

each line has 2 ++ meanings, ask and I will tell! Cause it’s fun and needs to be on the wiki lore

Wed 1:29 AM

  1. live looping improv, I am a spliff

    • jump in the pool don’t walk now
    • hip hop with your hips out
  2. I am a spliff

    making love, my hippy van she never forgetted it spliff like a pool, make you see colors infinity spliff Ima go down on you cause I love you kind of spliff

  3. She Breaking Glass Ceiling

  4. I am Trapt in the womb

  5. Grasshopper my Grasshopper

  6. Straight from the Hospital

  7. The internet will not be homogenized

  8. She Elon Musk

  9. World my stage

  10. She Breaking Glass Ceiling

  11. { Outro freestyle indefinite } - (paleblue 12)


I think I can help you escape school

let me drink you your legs daily

I would ball is Nikki could mentor me on my show. Right now I’m siting hot

in a temporary time when everyone is so open to me

Then stories / improv in between

update just farted SO HARD on the back of the 17 bus around a bunch of people. We are all on laptops back here.

-==-=–==-=- -==-=–==-=- -==-=–==-=- -==-=–==-=- -==-=–==-=- -==-=–==-=- -==-=–==-=- -==-=–==-=- -==-=–==-=- -==-=–==-=- -==-=–==-=- -==-=–==-=- -==-=–==-=- -==-=–==-=- -==-=–==-=- -==-=–==-=- -==-=–==-=- -==-=–==-=- -==-=–==-=- -==-=–==-=- -==-=–==-=-

I busy
Living my life
As a womb prune

Living my life as a wbob prune
living my life as a womb prune

I want to be the worst singer in the room

like a pool

my shirt is inside out but I fixed it in the bathroom my shirt was inside out all day yesterday and I didn’t notice until today.

I love lucy in public that my safe space

aaarrrttt ppaarrttyy

long live the babayaga women

69 30 baba

babe baba babayaga

wed 1249 PM

Just listening to this shit !! !! ! !! !!! ! !! ! !! !!!

Sean I need your help

and I need your help like right now

I’m asking you for help

A man to a man

I’m asking you for help

=-==–=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= =-==–=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= =-==–=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= =-==–=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

-=–=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==- -=–=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==- -=–=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==- -=–=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==- -=–=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==- -=–=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==- -=–=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==- -=–=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==- -=–=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==- -=–=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==- -=–=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==- -=–=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-HELP-=–=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==- -=–=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==- -=–=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==- -=–=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==- -=–=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==- -=–=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==- -=–=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==- -=–=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-

Make a thing for pale blue dot fm where people could DJ from the site, that’s where I wanna get, they can DJ the recordings on a map, then eventually in 3D:

- I am a human
- I am a human at a party

Nadine would pick more daisies

I'd given up woulds earlier

I would climb more mountains

I'd burn more gas eat less ice creame

more real troubles and less

fuck your sanity

great minds think alike
great minds fuck alike
I wanna dance with great minds  

chonga from kush mama changed my life
chonga from kush mama changed my life
chonga from kushmama changed my life

chonga chonga on a Trampoline
with those you love

-==-=--= -==-=--=DIDNTMAKETHECUT -==-=--= -==-=--= -==-=--= -==-=--=
heaven above
you got a caller, always the slowest

who entertains the entertainer who watches the watchmen

Just helped this lady gladis

really beauitful old women talking right now on the train and I’m not recording it :)

old ladies talking about the bermuda triangle

Sean I write to you but I didn’t want to write

The quality of the show sucks because I’m releasing what comes out through the station, so it degrades the quality.

When you ask me what’s happening in 5 years, at the moment I say

its me in Nicks’ village,

paving the way for better Daves

paid adventures for friends:

and a team that does with questions asked

many campouts and a travelling circus

undercover reconisance circuit

=-=-=-==–=-=-=-=-=-==-=–=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= =-=-=-==–=-=-=-=-=-==-=–=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= =-=-=-==–=-=-=-=-=-==-=–=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= =-=-=-==–=-=-=-=-=-==-=–=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Hey Sean,

this is a private bounce.

a bounce in audio land is when you export audio into a shareable format.

when you move the audio out of the software it’s called a bounce.

I wanted to write you a thought out email,

but I remember how you explained how the world

it was more common to go hear a play.

I loved that fact,

and I love bringing theatre into

I am knee deep in some of the best tape. I’m already sitting on a gold mine of audio, and the library is growing healthily

I’m asking you, Sean

man to man,

will you help me?

pale blue . fm

physically type the url, so that you can gift yourself the joy of that.

there’s something so romantic about a browser query.

People are giving me a lot love right now, and a lot of my projects are blowing up

You remember your 20’s, and I’m 26. I can keep this pace and workflow for maybe another 4 years.

Every moment I feel is crucial time to take advantage of my youth.

I’d like to explain the meaning behind pale blue dot,



Because everyone is an open book with me

but listening to


I need to be in better rooms

I need to be the worst in the room

as much as I can so that I can grow

and grow this project into a

Other things:

  • I just got approved with my friend we’re going to Art(x) - we’re brewing up an interactive audio hack booth thing
  • The Sims sims
  • Poliwat - oh dude this would take too long to explain let me just show you in person




We’re having two house shows officially at my place!

May 18th

June 10th

And the VJ for art party if you like

=-=–=-=-=-==-=–=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=–==-=-=-= =-=–=-=-=-==-=–=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=–==-=-=-= =-=–=-=-=-==-=–=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=–==-=-=-= =-=–=-=-=-==-=–=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=–==-=-=-=

As a man to a man, I trust you Sean,

I trust you to hit pause,

and then come back after listening to the show !

I know you’re really busy and I don’t want to bug you

But then again I want to bug you

I suggest its best with headphones I suggest you walk around because most of the recordings were from your backyard.

-==–=-=–=-==–==–=-=- -==–=-=–=-==–==–=-=- -==–=-=–=-==–==–=-=- -==–=-=–=-==–==–=-=-

SEAN SEAN SEAN !!!! Please listen to this before you pass me along to Nikki

I feel the need to earn it

and I feel the need to earn it because

I’m on a train, its my mom’s Birthday!!!

-=- -=- -=- -=- -=- -=- -=- -=- -=- -=- -=- -=- -=-

poem work on this later

somedays every recorder I see

I just want to push the button

I just want to push it

and leave

and never come back

I just want to hit it

and quit it

Somedays I just want to hit that little red dot and walk away

If you engage with me I think I can help you

I claim I can help you escape school.

But we have to work together.

And so as a token of friendship, mentorship, whatever

I’m asking for your help Sean,

Please help me

=-==-=-=–=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=–= =-==-=-=–=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=–= =-==-=-=–=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=–= =-==-=-=–=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=–= =-==-=-=–=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=–= =-==-=-=–=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=–=

What I think you’d be most into and

releasing your thoughts open source puts you in a sort of

n wed 314 pm

make a video and send it to the companies of the gear I’m using :D


wed 818 pm

I’m an open gate lets flood the cave get on my level I open sourced my brain

wed 836 pm

Damn I loveeeee being home.

listening to a tape my mom made in 1981 of covers. BOOTIFUL

cry emoji =-=-==–=-==–=-=

Wed 923 PM

Kenzie I love you,
you changed my life for the better
and were instrumental in POLIWAT




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