10 min Free write

April in a bucket

talk about politics!

I could never be a politician

because half my grin

is explaining it’s mechanics

as they happen

speaking of which

fuck this world with man made diseases

everything is toxic

in realtime

fuck this world we live in

I want to live in a world with new eyes

new eyes with actual sight

why can’t we see the anatomical structures

of everything around us?


why is it so rare to

find someone with a hand held device that measures rads

someone to talk about about it

no fuck this world

everyone is too dumb

coming from the small town village idiot

cooking is the only therapy


and walking outside despite COVID 19

well it’s just a block and my girlfriend

that’s me

I love it

I love this world so much

sitting in the gothic dining room in the same month

as Earth day my secret favorite holiday more than my birthday

so many great memories about this Earth I cannot see

that’s why it’s my favorite holiday

so cooking as therapy

we made breakfast together

well she made it I was a supportive character

she tied my apron

and it brought us back to the cherry blossoms

the ones I enjoyed all day after the nastiest fight to date

damn it’s not even late

if your girl don’t won’t go down

find another girl

we’re doing great she’s on a thin thread

I tread thin threads that’s life

so we’re in the same boat

and Nikola Tesla came out with the world’s first

remote control boat

but the navy wasn’t interested

ahead of his time

though his soul thrived in the present

so fuck it and fuck this world

because Smithsonian’s hiding bones

of giants

cause what was obvious for the native americans

is somehow unproven for the modern

master slave

fuck you and fuck me for writing this

throw me in a ditch

I don’t give a shit

that’s why I won’t last long

cause pretty soon it’ll be illegal

just to think the word nigga

so don’t tell me there’s no link

between the dead and 5G

you just have to understand electromagnetic fields

and their affect on biology

everyone’s crazy

not afraid to go back to jail

if jail is a 5150

bernie dropped out

seth myers sucks

while I only communicate

in phrases and rhythm

just to prove a point

when you want to understand anything

think in terms of frequency and vibration

and energy

if that sounds too hippy

look up the definitions

and don’t bother me when I walk

I’m not aggressive I’m a man

cmon man

man dude dude man

it’s only quarantine for the fags

that trust media lies

and don’t think for themselves

media is out for cigs

for years

and fear is nested in every sentence they speak

so yeah I’m not a homophobe for saying

it’s only quarantine for the fags

if fags were slaves

if fags were pigs

so while we’re stuck in a safe space

I jog daily

except today

so those steps come out in verse

let this be taken as the worst

because no one thinks for themselves

words they can repeat without understanding

I’m sick of everything

why my desk is standing

why I make music standing

giants existed that’s not misinformation

but how the disease is spread is that definition

so suck my dick or fuck off

in every sentiment

I’m an angel I’m bent

on helping the world before me

and truly reduce suffering

like tesla wanted free energy

so throw me in a ditch

cause I’ll die there but my ideas won’t

April in a Bucket

2020-04-09 20:13:30 -0400 EDT

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