Sat 1114 AM

@Lulu’s in downtown SC. Listening to the women’s march dance tune AHA! I love it.

Anna is sitting next to me, my TA for a marixsm class a couple years ago.

I didn’t say hi but did say ‘god bless you’. She’s grading papers from section, just like when I was in the course. She got more stylin for sure. Not that she ever wasn’t.

SBGC still gives me goosebumps so fucking cool.

First Friday was SO FUN LAST NIGHT!!! I went all out, met cool people, and am inspired to work hard. I definitely got my fix aha.

So I’m selling this car on Thursday, and going all out on selling lasercut stuff.

All I need to do is start writing the recipes. I can publish them privately on the pbd site.

Start Booking next set of interviews:

arabology rhamsey guy ++ microdose VR guy


MAKE pale blue dawt midi controller, and sell sel sell sell sell

3 products

The Midi controller with human drum kits

The LED Earth Signs


–=-=-=-==— —-=–=-=-==-=— —-=–=-=-==-=— —-=–=-=-==-=—

Priorities - finish show for Monday, edit and release 2nd show.

Make lasercut plans, start selling them around town.

Lasercut Earth balancing ball ( with 3D printed half sphere. )

Start on the Video schedule

Practice with Twitch for Monday,

Get samples together

I don’t get it the internet is so fucking slow on my machine.

invest in a backup solutions architecture

There’s nothing in the world worse than a slow internet speed.
—-=–=-=-==-=— —-=–=-=-==-=— —-=–=-=-==-=— —-=–=-=-==-=—


notes for moxie audio:


What she does

nicknames collage

their secrets



Sat 633 PM

Big day. Signed papers for new chapter up Empire Grade, ( I will bury the first L i C transcript there ) Inverted my screen, everything is now better.

GOt a trimmin job this Monday,

Write a recipe = your input then output

1  song
1 video
1 lasercut art piece

Sat 939 PM

The rituals begin now.

I know what I need



File for 3 items:

Earth Sign for a wall

Anna Karenina

2018-02-03 11:12:50 -0800 -0800

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