Friday 303 PM

on caltrain with chad and this guy andrew we just met

just recorded with darlene at the station and ben also !

and john the british guy

chad and I had an epix skate across campus with me on the scoot

==–=-====–=-====–=-====–=-====–=-====–=-====–=-====–=-====–=-====–=-== 328 PM

What constitutes a friend my child?

Friday 409 PM

Organize Sound Library {} on 17 {}


fruday 242 PM

wow internet will not be working

what a POS

what’re all the good ideas of the day,

had so many

look at me

just wanting to remember them

hmm good thing I got enough ideas for the two of us.

laptop about to shut down I need a new battery it sucks dick

getting more and more unstable

aaaaaaallliiikkkeeeeee meeE!!!!!!!!!

oh well will film all my friends tonight and I love them so

gotta shut it DOWN



Andy Feat Chadmike

2018-06-15 15:03:05 -0700 -0700

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