you are the most extraordinary man I’ve ever met




Quotes that I want to remember

“you’re very handsome” - becca

“you are the most extraordinary man I’ve ever met” - becca to me (and she’s lived with two princes)

“Becca living with me said I have more going on in my mind than a bar full of people”

  • so let that be what I remember in times of darkness

  • Sample the nytimes crossword win sound

9:36 AM the next day in bed

Just read spark notes of 2001: A Space Odyseey. I want to read all the spark notes of everything now that I’m submitting this analysis and summary for ‘Girl’ by Jamaica Kincaid for this book report remote job. Hopefully I’ll get better at writing to the point it helps my book I’ve been so obsessed about this past week.

The Human and The Invisible Timer

aka The Human and the Indivisible Timers ……………..

invisible timers between appreciation and completion

ride these timers

knobs visualized

see the faders in everything

see the knobs in everything

dance of slave master wolves
in hula tree groves
barefeet making points
swish in magic mikes
on mics in beds
on mics in springs

its not what you eat, its who you eat

meditating on a book
waiting for bomb to take me for a ride
ride or die
to the other side
reading this book on the shitter
waiting for the bomb to drop
I eat bass drops for breakfast
so bring me to (null)

not my best
but top of the head

Hypothetical House Room 1923

cows and humans
both are mutilated
by strange beings
if you act like a cow
you will be mutilated
if you eat cow
you will be mutilated
if you are a cow
you will be mutilated

no one knows why they mutilate us

but the government’s invisible defense is globalized fast food

because they don’t want you if you have health complications from diet

thats why fast food restaurants are everywhere

How would you change if there were a whole list of other intelligent beings?

How would our issues among each other change?

How would our media outlets change?

Benna (alternatively spelled bennah, or called ditti) is a genre of Antiguan and Barbudan music.

read 2666


And the Temporary Hostility to Words

2020-04-27 13:25:37 -0400 EDT

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