Am I Maser document
Am i doomed
am I dumb
am I dooped

am I done
and I wanna
am I oops
am I broke
AM ||(*pronounced or) PM loops

am I done
am I done pooping
am I done learning the same mistakes
am I going to remember this time
am I going to forget last time
am I going to do better last night
{ than }

am I a mistake
or am I mistaken
am I a good date
or a terrible longterm situation?

Am I fit, fiction, || fictitious
am I too coarse (.)(*pronounced 'but') delicious
I don't fib anymore
cause I've convinced to masses

Am I behind or in front of the curtain
Am I behind the wheel or the wheel's victim?
Am I done with bullshit because
bullshit is sure as hell done with I am's

I am aimless
I am pedantic
I am rigid
I am hard headed
I am strong
I am mighty
I am chosen
to live as I
am I chosen

All humans Ween

Am I Master Doc

2017-12-05 20:45:39 -0800 -0800

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