“if you want others to take care of your lives protect you save you then will always be slaves and rightfully so”

-Mr. Brown

Open the door to your heart.

You have been lied to.


1st day of queen bee
second life of dean me
third time in Quarantine
fourth write of freely
fifth day of art residency
sixth day of numbers count down
seventh life of clarity
eighth time I need my rhyming dictionary
but lost it.

World’s on autopilot

Seeing my country as a cancer farm

Free to submit to your poison

Humans being born with vices

Choose your vice

You’re being born

Welcome to the place where you can restart, reflect, and redo your life.

Now is the time to choose a vice.

You werelied to about being born dirty

You were programmed to believe

clean conduct was dirty and dirty conduct was clean

In 20202020201 July my girlfriend left town for family.

we’re both artists and so I took the time as an opportunity

to turn our room into my personal art studio.

this is what I made while you were away


BUT THEN that never happened. She tested positive for covid and um forced me to come back and quarantine with her. THAT’s where our story begins…

what pain dues is

November 19th, 2019

Dad book

5:03 am got him broth got rubbed his feet and leg with rubber gloves cause they’re leaky and hemp

I do hate her. She’s lost her mind. I want my mom back.

It’s a time to your mind though cause it’s like your partners dying

got my london GF she in her L B Ds

welcome to poliw.at

are you ready to engage

are you ready to empower yourself

over the terrors of this world

you’re in the right place






All Thirteen Queen

2021-07-27 09:54:26 -0400 EDT

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