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All of us

Song - All of Us just a lil reflection of a few things that apply to all humans.

{{ verse 1 - michael }}

All of us sit
All of us lick
All of us ween

All of us dance
All of us dream
and don’t listen

All of us come from our mamas
All of us feel feelings fleeting
ween and change
All of us need us
{Pickup}All Rise  now
decide now
All listen
allof us tinkle
sprinkle truth
through lies wooooooh
all of us whimper OOOH
Only takes one to christen
the only constant our change in emotion
All of us are not individuals but ecosystems
all of our bitches all of our biomes
all of our baths bathing suits go barnacles
All of us make our own decisions
All of us die
All of us play,  predict, test

All rise
can’t have a rule
without an exception
I walking contradiction
All of us gossip (go into a gossip)
What’s taboo?
That a tattoo
you gotta hide

vague autumn
all of us
all I owe
dead ebt debt ridden

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