Tuesdat 11:45 AM

@ the Abbey.

I’ve been not quite functional lately. I must admit. I see Justine my future singing teacher here though and I’ll talk with her when she looks a little less busy.

I don’t get it.

Did I perma fry ?

Did I really fly too close to the sun ?

Once again I feel like going home. I don’t know how to pay rent yet again, due proper in a week (but maybe I could stall as it trickles in)

laser cutter still doens’t work. poliw.at doesn’t freaking work.

and I wonder if I want to do pale blue in the first place even right now.

I think that’s the chemicals. Maybe I’d like to take a break from it.

landlord say your rent is late (7)      
sold soul damage though mitigate (8)  
landlord lay your head now mate (7)
sold soul damage though mitigate (8)  

Tuesdat 12 PM

LOL I so need to go back home in a way.

  • get my ozone presets back

tuesdat 339 PM

||F#4 \ B3||

dont need anymore

7/8s inner diameter pvc pipe

All My Temptations Al My Bad Habits

2018-08-28 11:22:20 -0700 -0700

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