Tuesday 9:28 AM

I’m going to try something new. Instead of getting high, I will do something new. Looking over the past month I’ve taken the time to regulate substances, and have been made noticeable improvement. I have now made it about 5 days since my last tobacco hit and so I may be in the clear. It’s been hard at times being around many friends with countless substance opportunities.

I think I shared this before, but I will say it again because I there’s more to say - Peter’s writing friend described writing as getting ass raped by God. Some people like getting ass raped by God. I don’t remember now what else I was going to say because the ass rape came as too surprising.

Just called the DJ company, Jack. I’m heading to SC today.

Looking at grad programs. I decided I need to be in Europe for grad school. Also no one is stopping me from making videos now.

My only salvation is writing. Sometimes my only salvation is concentrating on breath.

I’m really inbetween right now. It’s 10 19 AM, I was originally planning on going to Santa Cruz, but the DJ guy hasn’t called back yet. Also I need to work uber delivery, and for SF it’ll be most profitable. I will use Jack’s bike.

I like the idea of increasing my industriusness. An industry-minded hippie. Industrious hippie. Been listening to Jordan Peterson for hours each day. I keep failing to hit people back up, that’s another note. I’ll just keep writing. Writing until I can no longer write. I don’t need to edit on poliwat - that’s not required in the terms and conditions.

Listening to Milo trying to figure out what to do next - and working uber EATS is probably the best idea. Yesterday I cleaned my room and realized I left my pedalboard I was trying to sell and my SM7b microphone back home.

Setting up the studio felt good, wherever I end up these are the options -

situational analysis of my life -

5 weeks until the play. It’s going to go real fast. April 22 is Earth Day.

Electronic Ensemble with David Dunn      
Stanford Show - PBD
Stanford Show w/ jack - Roadtrippin
Producer - Innovators

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