Sunday 402 pm

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####I was just about damn late to the train

Well I was 11 minutes late, but lucky for me I ride Amtrak and they are always late. I even had a few minutes to spare. I forgot my belt, my dad gave me his. I love him so much.

Stayed up will the crack of dawn finishing up the Marquette Family Reunion album. it paid off. The second my mom woke me up around 10 AM, I jumped out of bed and showed her the work of the previous night. Then I proceeded to finish it up and upload a first version to bandcamp and soundcloud.

No internet anytime soon on this train, even with a hot spot. It’s a good time to catch up on my journal.

610 pm

guys saw me recording people on the train and so we got to talking a little bit and now I’m going to lookup
jimmy levine

Album Doneish Late To Train

2017-08-13 16:01:52 -0700 -0700

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