Handwritten transcript from free paper in borrowed blake papeback.

All merry and glue America
Infecting all generations against

Any comedy or other
art against the state
we must see all
as a country
as all countries
before criticism
(am I illiterate?)
you see all before
zodiac predictions
confused affirmation
though wittiest and most concerned
are passionate
too afraid of language
what it does to their voices
most marginaliZed are biggest threat
most genius less friends /thread/
so scherzo schizophrenics
too afraid of language
of words of Bill Hicks
so smoke I do not
Just smoked last one

last day in Virginia
Ray got us rib eye
lobster tail craft beers
aaron my cousin and we agreed on everything about
aliens healthcare and climate change
and came out of the race
with two polar

Favorite pieces in the Chrysler Museum

  • Nam June Paik
    • video installation
  • Saya Woolfalk
    • mixed media
  • Nancy Camden Witt
    • Hagar
  • Hugues Merle
    • The lunatic of Etretat, 1871
  • Hidden Gustave Dove in (( Grateful Dead ))
  • Jean Baptiste
    • Grevze
  • Daniel Rozen
    • Mirror No. 10 (sketch mirror) Hugo Robus
    • song

Actually Crossing the Mason Dixon Line

2020-02-08 17:10:32 -0500 EST

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