Wed 1041 AM

I could really use my guide right fucking now but it’s incomplete.

But I do remember something about cleaning…

I want to see evidence of all my ugly emotions, leveraging them into some nice custom wood furniture for the house.

one song

clean br

one song

clean room

one song

collect wood for shelves

Call me on my bullshit
Lie to me n say my booty getting bigger
even if it ain't

wed 1133 AM

Rocko: Going to microdose

spirit she

sprite me

lsit for home

toolbox screwdriver sm7b

coffin pedal alaverez :D

wed 256 PM

tok a shower break

cleaned the br

all inbetween getting tracks ready for art party pract 1 tonight

erin and i addde one of her songs too

338 PM

there are things to order right now that I can’t remember

Actionable Items

2018-04-04 10:40:56 -0700 -0700

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