There’s a new project.

The 12 steps to better abs.

Abs Anonymous.

And it started because for years, I have been keeping tabs on others with the same name as me, Michael Betts. Mostly to feel better about myself, but also I have this fantasy where we can all start a think tank and solve the world’s issues. Or even better not solve them and make a show of our attempts.

Loser Michael’s aside ( I’ll report on in the future ), there’s one Michael Betts in much better shape than me. He’s a personal trainer. I’m going to make the exercise list and link the audio, and ask him if he’d be interested in producing a workout video called Abs Anonymous.

My friend Jimmothy Leary has a sweet club track I’m writing a workout routine to.

I’m going to pitch it to him when I finish some audio work.


Abs Anonymous

2017-08-16 17:11:09 -0700 -0700

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