Thursday 708 AM

Managed to make it out of bed this early.

Man rituals. It all begins with rituals.

Thursday 843 AM

Made a track since waking up

Fuck I’m so disorganized!!!

I’m very lucky to have nothing on my schedule today persay.

It’s a pomodoro_life type of day.

TSS Practice

Thursday 1035 AM


Hi, I’m Michael Betts!

Now a few months ago I was possibly going to be working on a web app for ya’ll at the third wave.

But it didn’t pay quit enough.

Things have changed Now

Because the sulbties of microdosing have changed me profoundly.

In private, I attribute microdosing with philosybin and LSD to the cause of a few things

I’m producing and acting in a play, a comedy based off the video game the Sims,

where we act like sims and are well dealing with simulation theory.

which is sort of a common theme in LSD

I have some absolutelt insane stories of microdosing revelations, but that’s for another time.

For this position,

microdosing inspired some of the latest projects I’ve been working on,

including but not limited to:

A late night show at stanford college radio, called Pale Blue Dawt.

Pale Blue Dawt is a radio show, based off a nonprofit I started.

I’m fiscally sponsored by the social good

and in all the work for the rest of my life,

I want to stay true to our mission statement.

I have a lot of awesome friends in silicon valley, which has a great culture and community for the responsible use of psychedelics.

on a personal note, I view psychedelics as a medicine, that defeated my depression.

With or without me, I hope to see the third wave grow. I’d love to schedule Paul Austin or anyone else in the organizaiton for a skype interview so we can broadcast the third wave’s message to stanford’s community.

It would be awesome to work with ya’ll!

I quit coding professionally because it wasn’t good for my health. I’m not really built for it. And psychedelics taught me that. I like to think of micordosing as sort of a fast track for learning, if you really work hard.

I think psychedelics help put you above the curve, help make you more competitive, and attractive in this world.

I think psychedelics helps foster choosing your own path.

micordosing inspired me to write a book, entitled love is capital, which is a candid guidebook for navigating archtypal relationships.

I hope maybe now, we can work together.

Because I’ve been a huge fan of the third wave for a long time, and have the skills necessary, for being a strong representative of the communtiy of drugs.

I think we need more industrious hippies (laugh), in order to cultivate a culture of microdosing, to everyone’s benefit.

I like the idea of being an industrious hippy.

If you would like any help at all, if you find me useful, I’d love to really join the team.

Thanks so much for watching! Look at that VIEW!

the art of listening to your mom

found the grad program, going to go all out



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