Wed 1045 AM

@ diridon - hitting palo alto to grab my phone from Avery and upload a bunch of old stuff. I’m going to upload most of this hard drive.

Rent was due yesterday, cam is loaning me enough for rent and then groceries.

I’m so stressed about money and I just want to kill myself most of the time.

I don’t think I can even cry about it.

I’m just praying nikki silva reaches out soon.

I either have defaulted or am about to default on my student loans. My credit card is maxed out. I have no job. But I have my company, and we have 1 client at about 4 hundred a month consistently.

And what else, I want to save battery so I’ll type without being able to see the screen.

this is good therapy. Typing to nothing. Not worrying about mistakes, you know.

I’m spread too thin and just need a fucking assistant. Cause

today I hate this world and everyone it in

today I hate the world and everyone in it.

I’m going to work myself out o this hole Idug.

I dug this hole and now I’m going to climb out.


at least I have a hot date tomorrow night :)

Going to finish up the dance piece as soon as I get to the station

-==-=-=- I am a spliff

jump in the pool dont walk knowhip hop with your hips youtube
like a pool make you see
colors infnity and unique

making love my hippy van
she never forgetted it spliff
ima go down on you cause i love you kinda spliff
remind you beauitful
in case you forgotted it kinda spliff
the love I get from you
the love I get from you I feel indebtited spliff
the jokes  from you more better than letterman spliff
our dates so fresh so fun vogue vignetted it
these day michelle obama 2020 kinda splliff

Ima rebel gone rogue  and maryted it spliff


I used to be beer locust mucho cervezaed it spliff

I just want to take my family out to eat.
Art Party
NB Project
Pale Blue Dot
pop4.5 Project

The pbd hackathon starts fucking today.

Team Page:

Michael Betts - Producer Niko Kush - Associate Producer / music Darlene - Associate Producer

Pale Blue Friends Master List:

Ep 1 voices Credits:

  • Dave Orley
  • Cathy Nelson, Michael Betts, Chad Lamon, Kevin Ballard
  • Gene BEtts, Linda Betts, Bonnie De Paulo, Paul De paulo, Blaine Betts
  • Megan Jones, Lois Betts (RIP)

Teddy and Gus alexander

Music Creds: Michael betts Prickly pair Mat fukano

Ep 2 Credits:


fucking crack heads are so funny and occasionally annoying

this lady is just talking in the bathroom on the phone and I just have to piss real bad but she’s all cracked out like I GOTTA TALK HERE

pale blue work flow

love as capital == the science of



  • write creds for ep 1
  • write creds for ep 2
  • write about page

Next time I go out I teach God a lesson

hastag daily lyric dose

Gotta lesson maybe rom the drunk shaman

you you are old school new rules

I got a coozi drop L friend

Next time I go out

Next time I go out I teach God a lesson

Wed 1246 PM

I just want to throw my laptop =-=–=-=-=-=-==–=-=-=-==-=-=-=-=

Wed 101 pm

Ableton is dropping out of sound cause this dance project is huge

I need help

I in my sick bed no cannabis could cure

– the BIGGEST yard sale –

Wed 353 PM

Well it’s a little better now.

30 Day Auction

2018-05-02 10:45:36 -0700 -0700

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