Wed 842 pm July 26 2017-06

I don’t have anything to type anymore. I’ve been sober for a full 7 days now, and I’m pissed. I am angry. I will use this anger to get shit done, like log work hours, work on music

Todd hooked me up big time at the fab lab, and I met Chris and Jordan. Chris Maddox printed the first versions of POLIWAT for me and I’m super amped on it. Right after this and logging work hours I’m going to the spend the rest of the night testing connections and maybe soldering.

Yeah I don’t feel like journalling today. I feel like working out and working. No I feel like smoking and drinking, but those are off the plate so far. Why am I pissed? Doesn’t matter, use it to your advantage. Every moment and emotion is fleeting. It’s all about focusing on your contribution to the world, in a playful way.

why doesnt mcdonalds deliver?

I splurged and ate two trader joes salads today. I was feeling it. About to eat a yogurt. I’m only eating really healthy now.

Based on my inbox, the internet will not be homogenized is all I can think of sharing today.

Here are lyrics, please steal them. It’s a failed and unfinished project because I’m a control freaky

It should just be a separarate project post

the internet will not be homogenized

somedays just to live is courage

2017-07-26 20:42:10 -0700 -0700

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