Cum is yum, throw up's dumb
my voice is gravel, an off day
too little time to explain...

open source or dia

BUSH (in the mirror in the whitehouse)

Acid, is a dose of reality
that's why most are terrified of it.
that's why wise go through
that weird phase in their lives
when they're about always on it.

and yes, many wise
or wise becoming fall
after that phase and spend
the rest of their days
glued to a tape deck and rollerblades
at mom's place
acid for breakfast
is sure to make or break
strong mind's upgrade
weak mind's atrophy
from weirdo to golden child

what's the difference
yup cum is yum
throw up's dumb

So have…

phone backgrounds that serve you

Say things that serve you

Think things that serve you

Cook what serves you

Bleed what serves you

Yes future you

That unpredictable you I’m talking to!

Each drop of your blood a servant

That likes it

Their destiny takes

A Life of their own


if you can Act like that, you should.

When at Dad’s house,

if Dad was God and my Dad’s dead.

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2020-04-04 19:27:09 -0400 EDT

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