old people say you do what you can

so I can so I do

they rapping circles Ill take point to the pointless

nothing important till time permits it

there is no artist without the self

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its important to know where you stand and why others stand in other positions due to genetic displacement contraint

alright honesty is the best poicly

one way to look at it:

I lost my phone, don’t have enough money to leave town, unable to work due to overstressed, if I’m awake I just wanna freestyle or fetal. I want to sleep but only have bad dreams

|| versus ||

I’m real excited for the upcoming show this weekend.

you know when you have somehthing good cause eny creeps up around everyone

but if you share it then the envy turns into BULLSHIT THIS IS BULLSHIT IM MAKING UP

If I'm recording

what am I doing

if I'm not recording

Im coming over

ollie is smarter than me niko is smarter than me ive seen the light but i dont bother not nough time to capitalize this last nug of motivation this last hug of fixation to build your foundation chose to challenge choose to write yo own religion choose to fight complacent

choose to profess patience poliwat the new dj station work real hard take a vacation chase dreams after you retire illusion blink twice your kids in livingroom illustrating nostalgia failing algebra

martr gone rogue drop the mic nation

cause world of warcraft was the world to yah i peldge the blind leading the blind the few that wake up are the ones leading us to the graves gotta pave the way for better

you twitch I jizz

its time to retract in the machine a bit its time to regret the dream a bit and pull toss and turn bit by bit I can justify myself outa any work shit quit glove dont fit saw too much now cant forget

is this itch a tic i pre disposed to paranoia

factor that into bong hit success by killing self no regret in the cost of success I digress signed the petition I wrote on cannaSTOP

ill stay anywhere and only live with an old piano near

I'm going to prove to jordan peterson that neverland exists
what it looks like
and what it costs

improv based lifestyle
antithesis of complacency


the go t osssss :

do you know what today is?

what are you trying to do before you die?

man honestly I think I should drive to my parents house I lost control

of my pp

pale blue poliwat

poliwho poli when poli how the fuck

tesuday 138 am

no one’s that impressive

12 Steps Of Freestylers Anonymous

2018-06-11 08:58:34 -0700 -0700

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