a rare day
a la carte
a rare mood!


@ the water at the bK bridge - ate enough shake shack for 6 months and had to explain to the cashier what a napolian shake was ( or neopolitan ) ||

penis penis penis penis pwd penis pwenis pwensi wenis wenis wenis wenis helen michael |||

the starter whats the starts

anoying gong

Our brains got fried off this tap water

Helen made a great aphorism we forgot

something about scraps

can make long scraps


plenty short long scraps

My tap water experiment is working!!!!

| DUMB  || ORDER THAT | pure pure ||

iWish Ipods airPods Jew At FaceBook when I went to the school to bring about some damn I haven’t smoked in a while and I feel the smudges in my nervous system,

the vision my eyes as they call it get real dicey


1 layer michael as the suns’ going down

pass me the beer please I need a liquid jacket

only kids hit the gong

and then me

call that call to artists

outside this asian covid propaganda

the reason the jews don’t believe in covid here

is cause they wrote the software

nano bots have been in us

since the 80’s

no one reputable talks about it

only whispers whispering can we drink and smoke here

pass the beer

oh the beers been here

basic was a language before the OC

python was a snake before coding

openess used to mean

allow for people in the street

a robot’s beverage is their own business

a programs interests are their own business

a nonprofits profits are their own D A M N bid0ness


E walking up with that c# E to C3min chord in the L hand and B major in the right, favoriing a G#

10 20 2020

2020-10-20 17:37:06 -0400 EDT

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