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  • I don’t think I’m a real man until I can take care of my family, so this year is focused on that

Thursday 557 AM

Woke up around 530 cause the heater got turned on. There’s a cool ghost here for sure and I don’t mind it.

Two things

The first is that you should be wary. There’s a reason why the Mayans called psychedelics the food of the Gods.

It’s the responsibility that comes along with those experiences.

The sensation isn’t fresh in my head, but the lesson is.

Because you have to know something

^ so look at this, I start the passage my saying two things, then go on to state 4 things. My writing skills have diminished, on account of a few factors. First off I am stressed and can’t think clearly. Period.

I got lost in the sauce hard this month.

Also I’m going through a stormy mood and I know why. It was this time last night Asha and I broke up. I’m feeling lonely. I don’t really click with anyone in that way. I knew when we broke up last year that my next girlfriend would be a celebrity

call loan people

@haus (DONE) take hi res photos for shop + 1st item

Edit modern architect podcast for tom

Edit cyrpto podcast for tom

Consolidate iphone imessage (god damn)

empty iPhone

edit about page for PBD - - I imagine a world where everything possible is open source. And that’s the world I want to contribute to.

Everything at PBD is free - as in Free beer.

(DONE) Consolidate poliwat in dad’s suitcase

(DONE) Consolidate PBD in AV bag

() Laundry

(DONE) link omari in CL to two possible clients

(DONE)Take blanket up from the bottom of the hill

(enRoute)Fix shitty internet


add hard drive eject all script

(DONE) Figure out what to do for new pale blue lab structure


Consolidate sound lib - leave the latest on the 1tb hdd and move all other media to the 2 - [ asd ]

LAUNCH online store = pale blue shop

Install PS again

Take CDs to the library for check ahahaha

(DONE) hit up tom bout future eps

= pay off audio debt =

Workshop for laser cutting from a drawing to wood on meetup

laser signs ahahahaha

install new saw blade

scavenge for more materials



Message social good people -

Hit the library and David Dunn?

Order parts for Poliwat (use kenzi’s card and venmo her)

Make setlist for acoustic piano album (and then get some guitar from jared as he sees fit)

**Thursdat 648 AM**

It's so beautiful out here.
||Mondat | Tuesdat | Wednesdat | Thursdat | Fridat | Satdat | Sundat ||

Thursday 924 AM

I can’t believe it took two weeks to wake up this early. I’m getting so much done! And it’s only 9:25. ==-==–==-=-==-=-=-=-=-=-=–==-=–==

have someone read bonnie’s letter she didn’t read it well:


mila today you are  5 weeks old

you started laughign and smiling a couple days ago
we are so excited

you like when we make high pitched trilling sounds.

this was the first thing you've ever laughed

this past week I turned 28

its crazy that within one year of my 27th year

you were in my tummy

and now youre bout
it happened so fast

I didnt know anything about
babies until you came along

it feels so natural to care for you

its amazing how women's bodies just know what to do

last week you were up to 9 pounds 8 ounces

your head is so much bigger

and you can push your body up for a bit

everyone just loves holding you

you've had many outings.

You've been to a restaurant a grocery store
a fancy wine bar, both Grandma's houses  

Thu 1052 AM

  • Sugru -

=-=-=–=-==–==-=-=–=-==–= cause I come from a tribe

my tribe

alcohol is water

spliff is food

and pussy is God on Earth =-=-=–=-==–==-=-=–=-==–=

I am moch

Thursday 918 PM

Had a real productive day. And I’m still sober. Just going to get designs together tonight - then launch the Pale blue Lab tomorrow! I’ll be at the house laser cutting until about noon, then will head to campus for the better internet so I could build the shop web page with video and all.

—– Coaster Prices ——- { single drinkers }1 for $7 { doublefisting }2 for $13 { cannabis a tois } 4 for $20 { kickback pack } 10 for $40


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