saturday 1216 PM

heading back from sc with chad and craig. ral successful event at my place. I emceed a good bit

and Muneerah and I went up

and my dick is so hard

cause craig gave me this pill called boss lion 9000

apparently it’s going to stay hard for 7 days

I’m going to use the energy on working out

my choices and life affairs

Alright the calender is coming out:

I know off tshe top of my head, june 25th is the first show for PBD.

=-=-=-=–=-= =-=-=-=–=-= =-=-=-=–=-= =-=-=-=–=-=

I’m on a dick pill all week.

going to finish up this album fo sho now.

The hometown list:

  • Make cards for mom and dad
  • Practice live looping outside
  • sand box in the wayyyyback
  • pay sccottttt
  • fi xpoliw.atx
  • film music videos
  • make money
  • dabbbbb life
  • stop it mike
  • mantra of a 1000
  • pay off audio debt
  • schedule what needs to happen this month
  • I’m regressing on this list
  • its cause my dick is so hard
  • it feels like a boss lion 9000
  • accurate advertising

antiquated antics in my

wayyyyyback (the very back of my yard in the house I grew up in)

Live loop home piano

do you

I lost my juul

so I wrote this love song, but before I start the love song,

this is me when you leave me my juul


FBA Functional Behavior App

|| exit through the gift ||

strategies to be more functional

Functional Towards

Log 1. kill.self(michaelBetts)

Log 2.

Log 3. quantify.self(


Saturday 130 AM

Everybody knows chessy should be running. album tracklist:

I am a spliff

godt a lesson
trapt in the womb
world my stage

Saturday 237 PM


girth as an emotion


Saturday 310 PM

Radioplay 1:

Welcome to KZSU stanford,

coming in top of the hour

You’re listening to pale blue dot

{music fades in}

then I’m wondering if you

should I sell my passport for money ?

freestylers anonymous


Life is a series of hail mary’s

Tent Phase



claire venga aqui a la carte


that’s how important things happen. and so it’s in the everday that the real influency occurs. so it’s

ALright alright alright I’ve completely

done it

and embodied

all intention and poor execution

I broke my brain

I killed myself

well I went a little crazy

I did a bunch of microdose sessions in the woods

during each trip, there’s a new set of lessons. They usually internally go in me, in each movement and each action I take.

by the end of July

Clear Hard Drives

Download VJ Software Get Ableton 10

deathbed where they confess a bunch of shit to the dying person

the art of

-=-=- -=-=- -=-=- -=-=- -=-=- -=-=- -=-=- -=-=- -=-=- -=-=- -=-=- -=-=- -=-=- -=-=- -=-=- -=-=- -=-=- -=-=- -=-=- -=-=- -=-=- -=-=- -=-=- -=-=- -=-=- -=-=- -=-=- -=-=- -=-=- -=-=- -=-=- -=-=- -=-=- -=-=- -=-=- -=-=- -=-=- -=-=- -=-=- -=-=- -=-=- -=-=- -=-=- -=-=- -=-=-

Fern Gulley Season 2 Success

2018-06-16 12:15:02 -0700 -0700

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