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The POLIW.AT Umbrella

POLIW.AT is a few things:

  1. Music

  2. artist name

  3. brain dump

  4. my last safe space (my own social media)

  5. open source projects for others to join

  6. a more rigorous way to pursue truth(s) outside of multidisciplinary arts

  7. a metaphysical operating system with a focus on training on the boundaries and journeys from point A to B outside of our perception in a way that provides more insight, meaning, connectedness, context with the base reality you’re born with

  8. a methodology for humans on how to orient

  9. an exercise in free thought

TLDR: This place is primarily my safe space, a brain dump. I write stream of consciousness, and rarely edit logs. Here you can find lyrics for days, heavily edited mixes, songs to listen or perform yourself, visuals, stories, screenplays, philosophy, meta advice, poetry, games, jokes, good links, bad links, secrets, and secret adventures. All my art and brain is free for all humans to enjoy and remix.

Anything that looks like this is lyrics / poetry:
genocide patents
not people


I’m poliwat, born and raised by Michael Betts during an extracurricular recording session for the project Rethinking Natural History lead by David Dunn at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

I’m also Michael Betts, from small town Nipomo, San Luis Obispo county. I grew up in a musical home and majored in psychology with a music minor at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

My life completely changed after doing an extracurricular recording session for a project called Rethinking Natural History lead by David Dunn where Poliw.at appeared in the constellations.

I record every day, just the candid of real life most of the time. When there’s a camera in my hands, I love directing without directing, and instead focus on the candid and real.

I hear music all the time around me. Composition is understanding how things sound, and how to cut out noise.

big pic


current fav ⬇️



Anti folk started in the 90s (though kinda has been around since the lute) and is a more self aware, sarcastic version of traditional folk.


Schizop as a sub-genre of experimental hiphop, where the vocalist is speaking from multiple perspectives, usually contradictive, and sourced in surreal/abstract places. (i.e.) Like multiple people in one but with a driven narrative, where you show both sides of the opinion from the same person then drive the new point home, over and over again.



1. PLU the song structure

Think of the format of a song:

-intro -verse1 -chorus -bridge -verse2 -chorus -bridge -outro

Imagine if each of our scene formats like a song, was:

Hop Skip Jump Drop L Cooz Friend

If each of the following was a section of the piece as a whole, such as a verse chorus verse, each section containing a single piece of music and video that stands on itself, the sections would be the same.

2. PLU the multiverse
1 Hop: Digital space

Anonymous computer user. How users uses their computers, recorded from the screen.

Hop - Each QT log has info/creds/context right up front about the piece


Where: Digital Reality Universe. Digital spaces on computer, as QT logs (-qt) in the Vault 36 media library.

Who: humanity as a whole

  1. Skip
  1. Jump

  2. Drop

  3. L

  4. Cooz

  5. Friend

3. PLU the philosophy
3. PLU the Canon

POLIW.AT Music Videos

Music is not a purely auditory experience, it is also a visual medium. When we hear audio, our brains want to fill in the visual gaps. My poliw.at music videos are a pursuit of reflecting this exchange where I use visual instruments and a suite of video tools to create the videos in real time.

Pilot’s Logs (composers diaries)

What does a safe space look like to you? For me it is a place where I can openly communicate - something that is often impossible without negatively affecting others. My composers are a series of online av diaries in pursuit in a form of open communication. An action of attempting to open source my brain that serves as a tool for song writing, and navigating the world around me.

Across these links you can find over 700 private tracks of personal audio projects, drafts, rants, savage edits, therapy sessions, noise, parties, ceremonies, secrets, anything……..

Current Version: poliw.at

Freestyler’s Anonymous

Hello my name is poliw.at and I’m a freestylAholic(rapAholic)

I have a disease and it’s freestyling. Based off the 12 step program, the first step is admitting I am powerless over the pursuit of stopping freestyling.

The second step is acknowledge the fact that the only way to get clean off freestyling is to continue to freestyle, until the moment you don’t need to anymore.

Meetings are everyday, TBA online and wherever I am. Audio from freestyle sessions are found hidden across the web.

((timeline loglines since 25(2017):))
  • Season 1 === David dunn poliw.at birth
  • Season 2 === Marquettiquette Family Album trip
  • Season 3 === Sims Sims Play with perotroupe
  • Season 4 === Empire Grade fern gulley shows
  • Season 5 === Bonny Dojo hippies infiltrated
  • Season 6 === Poetics 2 with perotroupe
  • Season 7 === Pale Blue Tent back home
  • Season 8 === Armenia in Chicago
  • Season 9 === Death of Gene Michael Betts
  • Season 10 === Leaving Home Till I come back with Pale Blue Boat current


I believe in seasons of belief. If a belief has any merit standing the test of time, it needs has to have the capacity to be explained as a philosophy, and I like to think of philosophy in this context as something you can die by. Otherwise the belief is not your philosophy and you don’t know. So TLDR; utopia is here on Earth and we have the capacity to attain it. I wonder, hypothetically if AI already ate us. I think you should recycle your bluetooth headphones. I think who aint a slave. I think politicians should be those whose personality temperaments have the least interest in power over other people. I think there are a lot of frequencies outside of our hearing range that affect how humans behave. I love the states, and I hate that words of freedom are abused commonly to enslave. I think some of the smartest richest sociopathic humans on Earth treat others like pigs, and that’s not good for either party in the long run. I think if we are to survive. I think you can leverage all your negative emotions and feelings into beautiful actions, and that’s an art in itself. I don’t think humans are generally evil, or good. All have both capacities in themselves, and the best ones understand the evil capacities inside their minds. I think gambling is used to enslave, I think debt is used to enslave, I think identity politics as a field of study institutionally is half written by those who want to divide. I think the internet has become homogenized. I see race foremost as an attribute of being human, and you can find interesting statistics on good or bad. I think language today has been stripped down by those who have the unlimited coke plane rides and slaves and it’s still not enough. Since the start of the industrial age, there has been an economy based off the end of our species. i think you should make your own religion. I think most will not notice if and when AI takes over. I see race foremost as an attribute of being human, and you can find interesting statistics on good or bad. I think language today has been stripped down by those who have the unlimited coke plane rides and slaves and it’s still not enough. I have dedicated my entire life to reducing suffering in the fastest way possible, and although my actions may not look it, that’s the primary focus of my life. I think making music, painting, writing, and building should be as commonplace as Starbucks in the modern world.Those are a handful of my unpopular beliefs, see my logs for more context. I live to make art and die by my beliefs of the season.